Repairs & Maintenance

All gate and barrier systems require maintenance servicing, depending on the use of the gate or barrier will determine the how regular the servicing needs to me. As a general rule of thumb residential gates should be serviced at least once every 12 months and commercial gates (inc gated estates & apartment blocks) should be serviced at least twice every 12 months.

Regular servicing is beneficial in the following ways:-

  • Helps us identify potential problems early before they develop – replacing a worn hinge in a controller way before a gate falls over uncontrolled causing injury or damage
  • Reduces corrosion which will pay dividends in the future
  • Remove organic matter such as bugs, dirt, ants nest etc which is a big cause of blown control panels!
  • Keep all moving parts suitably lubricated to prevent annoying squeaks and reduce wear
  • Keep safety devices working correctly
  • Increases up-time and reduces long term costs

Gatesafe Ltd are specialists in faultfinding, we take the time to investigate a fault to find out why the fault occurred, what part is faulty & how do we prevent the same fault occurring in the future.


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